Micro Air Mechanical Sdn.Bhd. was established in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. MAM is the sole dedicated in HVAC & industrial and commercial refrigeration. Our equipments are equipped with Emerson Climates Technologies components synergy such as Copeland scroll and Flow Controls.

Our products are in accordance with the Malaysia design standard and requirements.

We also specialised to cater customers specific requirements, design and build.

Product Introduction

In recent years, Micro Air Mechanical Sdn. Bhd relies on its remarkable quality of products and reliable after-sale service which have gained our customer’s trust and support extensively.

Our theme is “Our Customers are our top priority” which we can help to improve, develop innovative constantly and continue to present the finest quality of our workmanship.

Our Products are:

1.MACS Series: Air-cooled Chiller –Scroll Compressor
2.MACS Series: Air-cooled Chiller –Semi Seal Compressor
3.MWCS Series: Water-cooled Chiller-Scroll Compressor
4.MWCS Series: Water-cooled Chiller –Semi Seal Compressor
5.MWCF Series: Aluminum Plate Freezer (Air-cooled / Water Cooled)
6. Spare Parts And Accessories.


Advantages of MAM Chillers

  • Longer System Life less occurrence of scaling/fouling due to advance coil technology
  • More Efficient Heat Transfer due to combined hybrid flow of air and water
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Lower fan pump power requirements
  • Lower Maintenance Costs water treatment only required on water